Fill out a request form for therapy visits.

Our four-legged volunteers work their magic to improve the emotional health of patients, residents, students, and staff.

Each therapy animal visit is unique. So whether your need is for a student de-stress day where our teams stop by to wag tails and show off their latest tricks, or you’d like us to visit on a weekly basis to brighten the spirits of patients or residents, our teams are looking forward to working with you. Fill out the visit request form and experience what a little four-legged love can do.
Please note: because of our insurance regulations, our members are not allowed to visit private residences.

Visit Requests

There are two types of visits: One-time Visits or Recurring Visits.  Read on to learn about the choices.

There is no charge for our services of touching hearts, bringing joy, offering comfort, and enriching lives with our therapy animal teams. As a non-profit organization we do accept voluntary donations.

Note that all information is REQUIRED to process your request. Requests made for visits with less than 2 weeks notice may not be possible, although we will do our best to accommodate you.

If you have additional questions, comments, or concerns, please contact

One-time Special Request / Event


There are several types of visits you can request through our form.  Below is a description of some different types of one-time visits.  We are honored to help bring our furry friends into your facility or organization to help share their healing love.

One-time Pet Therapy Visit

We will provide a one-time visit of one or more therapy teams to a group or a facility.

Community Outreach

We will provide our therapy animals and program information at local events, forums and conferences.


We will bring our therapy animals and visit your group or organization to give a presentation about the benefits of pet therapy.

Crisis Response

We partner with HOPE Animal-Assisted Crisis Response whose therapy teams are specially trained and certified to provide comfort and encouragement to people affected by crises and disasters.

Recurring Therapy Animal Visits

To request recurring therapy animal visits, please contact us at There are two types of visits that happen on a regular basis. We will work with you to determine the type of visit that works in your situation.  We are happy to help!


Animal-Assisted Activities

Our therapy teams regularly visit any number of people at a given facility, spending as much time as necessary with each person.

Animal-Assisted Therapy

Our therapy teams are incorporated into a treatment plan and work one on one under the direction of a professional therapist.

Membership for your Facility, Group or Organization

Therapy Animal Coalition (TAC) maintains an official List of Visiting Opportunities for our registered therapy animal team members to refer to when making choices about where to visit. Membership in TAC will give you a listing on the opportunities database.

This official list is for TAC registered therapy animal team members only.

Volunteers choose where they wish to visit.

Please note that membership does not ensure that therapy animal teams will choose to visit your facility. The list is simply a guide for our volunteers.